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Women Empowerment Uganda Limited - WAGENET

WAGENET-Uganda is a community based organization that was founded in 2018 by a group of passionate women with it’s headquarters in Namayingo District. In addition, the Kamuli District Chief Administrative Officer and District Community Development Department recently registered us as a formal Community Based Organization. The purpose was to advocate for observance of women and girl child rights in Kamuli District and in Uganda in partnership with HOLD Uganda. Girls and women in Kamuli District, Eastern Uganda and Uganda at large continue to suffer human rights violations of all form ranging from sexual violence, gender based violence, deprivation from accessing productive resources like land, water and financial resources but also poor involvement in decision-making processes. This has continued to subject women into advanced poverty levels and grossly reduced women dignity in communities all over the country. 

It is upon this background that WAGENET-Uganda was founded as a platform through which formal women, informal women and girls’ groups and individual women and girls groups can advocate for their rights. We envision a community where women, girls and youths are at the front and effectively participate in their own community development initiatives.


Empower women, young people and youths to be health with equal rights through advocacy, education and gender economic empowerment initiatives


Empowered, lifted and health communities with a strong economic livelihood sustainable life