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Our organization is involved in numerous projects and programs through which formal, informal women and girls' groups and individual women can advocate for their rights
Gender Equality

We are running a program for training of women advocacy on equal rights, women economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, Gender Based Violence preventions in households. Here we use a question and answer approach to have participants fully forwarding the issues that are affecting them in the their families and their communities as whole. This project was funded by URGENT ACTION FUND AFRICA. The funds impacted the lives of women in kamuli District. They enhanced capacities in finance literacy , all financial management and mitigate GBV among women in households.

With the information collected, we then engage different stakeholders to address these issues within the communities and households. 

Sexual and reproductive health

We have a continuously running program for training young girls in Kamuli district to make reusable pads in their communities.

Many young girls are supported with this skill so that they do not miss school. They can wash them, dry them use them for 6 months and within this period they will make more for the next half of the year to complete the full year hygienically safe. This in turn encourages them to stay in school hence reducing on the number of young girls dropping out of school. 


We work with community women volunteers to conduct initiatives to eliminate gender inequality among the women. We have community volunteers who have led the focus empowered women groups in Kamuli.

Community volunteers have strongly emphasized on gender equality, gender relations, gender identity, gender based discrimination, gender main streaming, gender empowerment  and these have helped to eliminate gender inequality and it has supported in building capacity of women on promotion and protection of women and girls rights


We have a program that involves disseminating information around the communities regarding the sexual reproductive health rights, women economic empowerment, gender based violence, gender equality among others in Kamuli district by our field teams in collaboration with the police Child And Family Protection Unity.

The Kamuli women economic empowerment project continued to disseminate and empower the women in different sub counties and villages of Kamuli, the report disseminates the accurate knowledge of referral pathways for GBV. How to mitigate general household gender violence’s against women.

The activity indicates the use of megaphone in all trading canter for continuity of women human rights and gender quality, gender equity, and gender sensitivity among women.


This was an advocacy group that came together to empower fellow women in communities mitigate Gender Based Violence that limits economicgrowth households. They came with an Ideal of saving which was seconded by all the members. Some were stopped by their husband since the husband always control the finances at home but later the men saw how other women progressing and they supported their wives . They Break their slot every after three month the give 430000 to two member in every break of the saving slot . This has great improved the women’s social wellbeing. We integrate this with the men to support their wives in such initiatives of economic empowerment initiatives. This celebration was officiated by the women lead…


This program is focused on strengthening the equal rights empowerment among the young women and young girls. The current absence or accessibility of such services profoundly undermines efforts to achieve gender equality and the economic empowerment of young women and young girls. Young girls have been subjected to different forms of discrimination, human rights violation such as a right to economic and productive resources and SRHR in Kamuli.

Through the enhanced women capacity in advocacy, the focus volunteers in WAGENET has strengthened the equal rights empowerment among the young women and young girls. The volunteers have helped people with sexual reproductive health rights awareness and giving the young women pathway to health facilities to access family planning services. These have also helped to link the community to law enforcement stakeholders in the community if the young women’s rights are violated.

The activity also helped the young women to ensure universal access to inclusive, quality early childhood by providing safe access to schools with adequate gender responsive facilities.