Women representative developed an appeal for equal rights and sensitization of men to stop domestic violence and all forms of discrimination which was handed over to the government bearers the CFPU, Gender officer, sub county chief and the women councilor ensured the women representatives, the women councilors got to understand the basic concept of the petition which suggests that the petition is not a merely expression but created as a larger movement. Strengthen protection of women and girls from all form of discrimination through empowering them to effectively engage in decision-making and freely speak out their gender based inequalities.

Sensitization of Women to have equal share of profits after harvesting through selling off their harvest and get to know the market price. Women advocacy to stop gender based violence in households; women are subjected to all sorts of violence by their husbands thus being left behind and discriminating them.

Emphasize on gender equity, gender relations, gender identity, gender based discrimination, gender mainstreaming, and gender empowerment to ensure that Government policies and programs in all areas and levels consistently effect a long team goals to eliminate gender inequality. Support in building capacity of cultural and religious leaders on promotion and protection of women and girls rights especially a right to assets and property access.